Custom Built Wall Enclosures

One of the things AudioWaves takes great pride in, is custom built in wall equipment racks. All the different aspects of your home entertainment from cable tv, sattelite tv, set top boxes, video game consoles, satellite radio, amplifiers, receivers, power supplies, battery backups, distributed audio controllers and more.

This is a very clean and organized way to set up your home entertainment system and gets everything out of the way except for the TV and speakers. We even use custom cut faceplates to ensure there is no gaps between each device and the side of the enclosure, providing a very clean and professional appearance that you can be proud to show off.

AudioWaves can build custom in wall equipment racks for new and existing homes, built to contain everything you specifically want for your home entertainment setup.

Contact AudioWaves for a no obligation quote on a in wall equipment rack for your home entertainment system.