What is TV/Video Calibration?

isf-certified-calibrator-250pxTV/Video Calibration is the alignment of your TV and video source equipment to the same standards used in the production of the content that you watch on said equipment.

Broadcast studios and filmmakers produce and view their shows on displays set to very rigorous standards. This basically starts them off with what is referred to in art as a "natural palette". From this point they make painstaking decisions for colour, focus, detail, and numerous other visual aspects to bring to life their "vision", all the while adhering to the set standards.

Unless your display is set to those same standards, you will never see what the program producers intended you to see, and your display's true potential will never be fully realized. Several settings in A/V receivers, disc players, and set top boxes, if not set properly, will also ruin picture quality. The worst part is that displays and other equipment rarely come out of the box set correctly. In fact, they're usually a long ways off from accurate!

thx-certified-professional-250pxThe reason the TV manufacturers don't all follow the same out-of-box standard, is they are not interested in giving consumers an accurate picture... THEY ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN SELLING MORE TV's! In their quest to do so, they pump up light output to create a very bright picture, and amp up the colours to create an eye-catching picture. They want you to notice their brand above all of the others, so that you will purchase their set. But the picture you are looking at is not true, it is severely distorted!

In a movie theatre, there are no "picture settings" to choose from, because there is only one right picture; the one the director intended you to see. If you went to see the Mona Lisa, would you want to see it as it was originally intended to be seen, or would you throw on a pair of old Red and Blue "3D" glasses, effectively casting aside its true beauty, and the artist's intent, because you thought it looked better this way? Or what if you finally bought that Ferrari you've been waiting for... Would you fuel it up with just regular-octane fuel? Of course not! You would want to use the best fuel possible, in order to get the most out of your investment!

Only with highly advanced software, very expensive and highly specialized equipment, along with the extensive training and expertise of a professional certified Calibrator, will you be able to fully unlock the true picture and performance that your display and equipment is actually capable of! Additionally, as a fortunate side affect, the power consumption of your display is typically reduced by up to 50%!! This saves you money, helps you to achieve a greener household, and extends the potential life of your display!

True Picture, Maximum Performance, Reduced Consumption.

Call or email us today to schedule your calibration by our THX/ISF II certified calibrator.

We do require that the client be present during the calibration process, so that they may be informed as to why and how each adjustment is made, allowing them to fully understand the procedure of calibration, and how it benefits their specific situation.

The calibration can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the display type, and the amount of equipment involved.

It is also requested that the display be turned on at least one hour prior to calibration.